Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Show your love for sea turtles on Valentine's Day

Love sea turtles? Pledge to use your reusable shopping bag on Valentine's Day

Check out what plastic pollution is doing to your seafood on this report by ABC Good Morning America:

In addition to bringing pollution to your plate, ocean plastics harm sea turtles, birds, and other wildlife that depend on our oceans.

Show your love for that special someone in your life and the ocean on this Valentine's Day.

Love the Ocean, Use Less Plastic:

1. Bring your reusable bag when you go shopping and/or say "no" when offered a plastic bag.

2. Pick a non-plastic gift to show your love. Really, is plastic the way to say, "I love you"?

3. How about wrapping your gift in a reusable shopping bag?

4. If you live near the ocean, take the time to visit and have a romantic walk on the beach, go surfing, go wildlife watching, or just to watch the sun set. Maybe even take a couple of minutes to pick up some marine debris while you're there or to even join a beach cleanup that weekend (check your local Surfrider for info:

5. If you go out to dinner, remember to order only sustainable seafood (if you order it at all) and bring your own container for leftovers.

6. Consider donating on behalf of your love to the ocean charity of your choice.

7. Share this event with your friends all over the world to spread the word.

The ocean thanks you and loves you back. ;-)